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WRWMG Hosts 1st Planting Event Behind Sparta Middle School

Thursday, June 08, 2017



7th grade students in Mrs. Botti’s life science classes recently worked alongside the WRWMG to plant 500 sycamore and gray birch saplings provided by the NJ Tree Foundation. The trees were planted behind the Sparta Middle School in an area next to the Wallkill River. This planting event built upon the additional reforestation work that the Wallkill River Watershed Management Group has been conducting with Sparta High School students along the Wallkill River on a nearby parcel owned by Sparta Township. Collectively, these separate restoration days are helping to establish a reforestation tree corridor that can be utilized as an outdoor classroom by Sparta students.

The 7th grade participants were excited to be planting trees behind their school, and many even said that it was the first tree that they have ever planted! The WRWMG looks forward to organizing more planting events with Sparta Middle School in Fall 2017 through funding support from the New Jersey Corporate Wetlands Restoration Partnership.

Planting trees along rivers is important for protecting water quality. The trees provide shade to the river and habitat for wildlife while creating a barrier that blocks polluted water from entering the river after a rainstorm. The tree roots also help stop sediment from entering the Wallkill River, making it easier for trout and aquatic insects to be able to breathe in the water.