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Final Step in Culver Rain Garden Project Now Complete

Thursday, November 15, 2018



Pierson Landscaping and Excavating worked with the SCMUA-WRWMG and the Greater Culver Lake Watershed Conservation Foundation to install cuts in the curb to allow stormwater to flow from the Culver Lake Clubhouse’s parking lot into the newly-constructed rain garden. Rain gardens are bowl-shaped gardens designed to decrease the amount of polluted stormwater runoff that flows into lakes and rivers after rainstorms. They are planted with native flowers and shrubs that help the stormwater soak into the ground (replenishing groundwater) instead of flowing over the land where the stormwater can pick up fertilizer, pesticide, animal waste, road salt, and other “people pollutants” before flowing directly into rivers and lakes.

Without this rain garden, road salt and motor oil from the parked cars would flow off of the parking lot and enter Culver Lake. Rain gardens and other types of stormwater management projects are essential for making sure that Culver Lake continues to have clean water for years to come.