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Trout Unlimited Helps with Tree Maintenance along Paulins Kill

Saturday, October 19, 2019



On Saturday, members of the Fred S. Burroughs North Jersey chapter of Trout Unlimited came out to Decker Road in Lafayette to participate in a maintenance day along the Paulins Kill River. As part of the day, Trout Unlimited worked alongside the Wallkill River Watershed Management Group’s Education Specialist to begin removing PVC stakes and plastic tree protection off of 5 year old trees that were planted in the floodplain.

The tree tubes are designed to split once the trunk is wide enough to survive a buck rub (which is when a male deer rubs its antlers against the bark of the tree). Since the tree trunks are now beginning to split the tree tubes open, volunteers are needed to assist with the removal and recycling of the plastic tree protection. This is a very exciting phase for the floodplain reforestation project since tree tube removal signifies that the trees are rapidly growing up and ready to survive on their own!

The TU volunteers worked hard and were able to remove a huge pile of stakes during their event. The SCMUA-Wallkill River Watershed Management Group looks forward to working with the North Jersey chapter again in the future!