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Arbor Day Activities

Thursday, April 23, 2020


Tomorrow is Arbor Day, a holiday to celebrate trees and all that they do for us! Did you know that tree absorb carbon dioxide, helping to reduce the impacts of climate change?

Try these fun activities from home to celebrate trees and learn something new!

  1. The Shape of Things: In this activity, children will focus on the many shapes that are found in both natural and built environments by creating “shape necklaces” (or bracelets) by cutting out circles, squares, triangles, rectangles, ovals, and hearts from different colored construction paper and then trying to find those shapes in nature.
  2. Adopt a Tree: In this activity, children “adopt” a tree, by closely examining and describing an individual tree using their five senses. The
  3. Fallen Log: In this activity, kids become familiar with small organisms by observing fallen logs. They’ll gain an understanding of how decomposition takes place and a better appreciation for microhabitats and communities.
  4. Have Seeds, will Travel: In this outdoor investigation, children observe, collect, and classify plant seeds.
  5. How Big is Your Tree? In this activity, children will measure trees in different ways and become familiar with tree scale and structure. They will also learn the importance of standard units of measure and measuring techniques