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Crandon Lakes Stewardship Day Draws Volunteers from Local Community

Monday, July 31, 2023


The Sussex County Municipal Utilities Authority-Wallkill River Watershed Management Group (SCMUA-WRWMG) partnered with Crandon Lakes Country Club’s Lake Resource Committee to organize the 1st annual Crandon Lakes Stewardship Day on July 29th. 27 volunteers from the local community assisted with native tree and shrub planting and a litter clean-up around the lake. The trees were funded by the SCMUA-WRWMG’s watershed restoration grant from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, litter clean-up gloves and garbage bags were donated by Hampton Township, and a barbeque lunch was provided by the Crandon Lakes Country Club for all volunteers.

Throughout the event, a total of 56 native trees, shrubs, and herbaceous materials were installed on the lakefront properties owned by the Crandon Lakes Country Club to help increase tree canopy and slow the volume of stormwater runoff flowing off of the paved, impervious surfaces around the lake. During heavy thunderstorms, stormwater rushes across lawns and paved streets, where the water picks up pollutants like road salt, motor oil, fertilizer, and pesticide. The newly planted trees will help soak up stormwater and infiltrate it into the soil, helping to keep Crandon Lakes clean from water pollution.