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Can you imagine a Day without the Delaware River?

Thursday, October 18, 2018


#DayWithoutTheDelaware is inspired by Imagine a Day without Water which is celebrated each year to urge people to think about how they interact with and rely on water in their daily lives in order to foster a deeper commitment to protecting and speaking out for clean, accessible water.

The Wallkill River Watershed Management Group is working with 65 other conservation organizations as part of the Delaware River Watershed Initiative to help keep Delaware River drinking water clean.

Did you know over 15 million people (approximately five percent of the nation's population) rely on Delaware River Basin water for drinking, agricultural, and industrial use? Our staff is installing water quality improvement projects along the Paulins Kill River in Sussex County, NJ to help keep the Delaware River clean. Since the Paulins Kill is a tributary to the Delaware, pollution from the Paulins Kill will eventually flow into the Delaware River. We need to prevent water pollution at its source. Volunteer with us today to help keep the Paulins Kill and Delaware Rivers clean!