Clove Acres Lake Riparian Restoration Project

The Wallkill River Watershed Management Group (WRWMG) and the North Jersey Resource Conservation and Development Council (NJRC&D) and in partnership with Sussex Borough and the Sussex Borough Shade Tree Commission implemented a riparian restoration project along the banks of Clove Acres Lake in Sussex Borough.  The primary focus of such a project was to improve surface water quality by establishing a healthy riparian buffer of native trees and shrubs along open areas of the lakeshore. The buffer will increase the amount of shade cover on the edges of the lake, improving habitat conditions for existing fish populations.

The project will also help to reduce the number of geese and waterfowl that  frequent the area surrounding the lake. The large amount of waste that the birds generate is a significant source of fecal coliform, E.coli, and phosphorus loading to the ponds. Establishing and maintaining vegetative buffers along waterways is a recommended strategy for geese and waterfowl control, by making these areas less desirable for them to visit.

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