Top 5 Accomplishments of the Wallkill River Watershed Management Group (WRWMG)

1. Brought in more than $3 million dollars of grant funding to Sussex County for:

  • watershed characterization studies
  • watershed management plans
  • water quality monitoring programs
  • education and outreach initiatives
  • watershed restoration projects  

2. Generated cooperative partnerships to maximize available funding resources, share technical expertise, and execute watershed initiatives with entities such as:

  • NJDEP     
  • United States Fish and Wildlife Service
  • United States Department of Agriculture-Natural Resources Conservation Service
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • The Pinchot Institute for Conservation
  • The William Penn Foundation
  • The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation 

3. Established a 3-pronged watershed management program aimed at reducing non-point source pollutant loadings, improving water quality, and promoting long-term watershed health through:

  • Riparian Ecosystem Enhancement
  • Stormwater Management
  • Agricultural Outreach and Assistance 

4. Secured funding, generated volunteer participation and services, and provided hands-on coordination, field installation, and ongoing maintenance for 12+ streambank and riparian restoration projects, along more than 5 miles of waterways in Sussex County

5. Educated local residents about water quality issues and fostered a greater sense of watershed stewardship to ensure the long-term sustainability of local watersheds for future generations

For more information, please contact the Watershed Director.
Phone: (973) 579-6998 ext. 109